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At the beginning, everything went pretty harsh, but I've managed to get to the stage to start .

And here is the log from kubelet on my (master) machine.

I ran ns2 ~/kubernetes # kubernetes/server/bin/kubelet I0725 .424400 11750 feature_gate.go:144] feature gates: map[] W0725 .425217 11750 server.go:496] No API client: no api servers specified I0725 .661580 11750 client.go:72] Connecting to docker on unix:///var/run/I0725 .661605 11750 client.go:92] Start docker client with request timeout=2m0s W0725 .667904 11750 cni.go:189] Unable to update cni config: No networks found in /etc/cni/net.d I0725 .678686 11750 manager.go:143] c Advisor running in container: "/" W0725 .702428 11750 manager.go:151] unable to connect to Rkt api service: rkt: cannot tcp Dial rkt api service: dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused I0725 .730767 11750 fs.go:117] Filesystem partitions: map[/dev/sda1: /dev/sda2: /dev/sdc1: /dev/sdd1: /dev/sde1:] I0725 .734628 11750 info.go:47] Couldn't collect info from any of the files in "/etc/machine-id,/var/lib/dbus/machine-id" I0725 .734702 11750 manager.go:198] Machine: I0725 .735636 11750 manager.go:204] Version: W0725 .736780 11750 server.go:356] No api server defined - no events will be sent to API server.

I0725 .736793 11750 server.go:536] --cgroups-per-qos enabled, but --cgroup-root was not specified.

Preliminary note: I've already noticed several threads about this hang-up problem, but they were different from my own situation, especially that my machine does not use systemd or selinux.

kubeadm init, Created API client, waiting for the control plane to become ready, gentoo kubernetes BUG REPORT kubeadm version (use Proceed the execution kubeadm init I'm currently trying to install kubernetes for my Gentoo machines with help of the manual (I know kubernetes manuals are written for Ubuntu or Cent OS but I believe a Linux is a Linux and a binary can be executed in any of the distributions).

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